mGitHub *

keep in touch with your code

mGitHub is the most complete Windows Phone application for GitHub. Repositories, Users, Issues, Pull Requests, Feeds - everything you need on the go when you want to check your GitHub repostories while waiting at the dentist...

  • homepage
  • RSS news feed item
  • user's issues
  • issue details
  • available issue actions
  • repository details
  • watched repositories list
  • repository issues

* To be nice with GitHub guys, the name of application will be changed with next release to Git Station

why mGitHub on your windows phone?

  • github offers excellent git hosting and a lot more for open source and commercial projects
  • GitHub anywhere/anytime with you
  • optimized experience for mobile device, small screen and limited internet connection
  • clean and usable user interface following Metro UI guidelines with intuitive navigation and clean data presentation
  • securely communicating with GitHub using HTTPS with SSL to provide encryption and secure identification on the server. You don't risk to lose your credentials in a public Wi-Fi network

what's in?

  • news feed
  • your activity feed
  • search on GitHub
  • drill-down seamless navigation
  • repository issues
  • repository watchers/user watching
  • commit history (with branches)
  • user's profile and repository details

... and more. Check out the trial version to see application live.

what's coming in next versions?

  • full support for Organizations
  • and more...
  • more intelligent data caching
  • limited offline mode support
  • and more...